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*** Now enjoy unlimited messaging in India ****


EEZYSMS.COM is provides bulk sms service at below prices.

Get the Bulk SMS from the reliable providers. We provide bulk sms at below pricing with your own sender Id.

*Our minimum package starts with 10000SMS

*Pricing inclusive of Taxes.

Number of SMS Price per SMS Total price Validity
10000 12 paisa/sms 1200/- Unlimted
25000 10 paisa/sms 2500/- Unlimited
50000 8 paisa/sms 4000/- Unlimited
1Lakh SMS 6 paisa/sms 6000/- Unlimited
5Lakh SMS 5.5 paisa/sms 27500/- Unlimited

Withover thousands of users already enjoying reliable speed and delivery,we provide you best service possible

Please send us your Name,Email and Mobile to bulksms@eezysms.com for a Test Account

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